Monday, October 02, 2006

This is the Google Reader widget

I just discovered this little feature in Google Reader. Load your Google Reader with your favorite feeds then find your favorite posts from each and share them. Then view shared items for the javascript code to display on your site.
As I share and unshare items in google reader, my items in my clip will change in real time.
I haven't even considered being able to have a multiple source RSS feed widget. I haven't even seen one of these on a blog yet. This is an awesome way to promote your friends blogs or let your readers take a peek at what you like to read.

Look for my "Clip" on the left sidebar.
  • Javascript code
  • 7 color choices or plain
  • no size options
  • custom titles
  • option to include item source
  • above option includeslink to the post and a link to the site.
Google Reader
another review at
another review at


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