Friday, September 29, 2006

netWeather2.0 by Accuweather

First of all, I like the name, Accuweather. The weather forecasts are hardly accurate. Everything is partly this or a chance of that. But I do like this widget. It loads pretty fast and it looks good. There are about six different sizes to choose from, including one that is optimized for MySpace and eight colors to choose from. Unfortunately you aren't allowed to customize the colors or sizes further.
Depending on the size widget that you choose, you will see current conditions, temp, radar, and five to fifteen day forecasts. Some of the links on the widget take you to larger radar images as well as animations. There is also a video link that takes you to Videos. This is a collection of weather related news stories. Including breaking news about hurricanes.

I would definitely recommend this widget to anyone that wants a weather widget for their blog.
I discovered this widget on The Blogging Times
Accuweather widget page (main)


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