Wednesday, September 27, 2006

BBC music cube

**CAUTION This post and the widget contained are slow, very slow! CAUTION**

I was told about this widget from David Holmes. Now this is an interesting widget. It allows you to pick your favorite music from general categories that break down further to sub categories. As you pick out your music tastes, these colored boxes that represent each particular genre, stack on one another to form your music tower. I am assuming that the music tower is then displayed on your blog, allowing your readers to view and listen to the type of music that you appreciate. All played from Internet radio.

However the first thing I noticed is the site is very slow( could be time of day) go pour a drink, pop some popcorn, kiss your partner. When you get back the site will almost be done loading. Most people wil leave the site long before this. But I hung in there to see what happens. You do not need to register to use this service, which is a plus. But you don't get to pick individual songs either. Again, you decide. Here have a look.

Thank you David for the heads up

I have changed my mind and took out the widget. It's to glitchy. It locked up Firefox three times and gave Blogger fits. So all you will see here is a screenshot and I'll post a link to the site.
Visit the link at your own risk **VERY SLOW**

BBC music cube


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