Friday, September 29, 2006

Yelp! Be a critic

Yelp! allows you to be a critic. This is something everyone should be good at, unless you don't have an opinion about anything, in which case you may be dead.(check with your doctor)
You can review any type of business that you patronize. From convenience stores to laundramats. It's your opinion, share it.
I went through the process of setting up an account and email verification. This was pretty much standard procedure. My ultimate goal, obviously, was to get the badge/widget(customizable) to display for this review.
From other Yelp! widgets that I have seen on other sites, it helps to have more than one review. It also helps if you know the address and phone number for the place you are reviewing. Yelp! does perform a search for the business, looking for that info, but...
Another factor in populating your map with somewhere other than the retail wasteland I live in.
Yelp! Is a must have widget if you live to tell others your opinion!

Click here to see my Yelp! page.
Click here to go to Yelp! (main)
Click here to see another Yelp! user Howard Lindzon


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