Sunday, October 01, 2006

PhotoBucket Widget. more options than Flickr badge

I wanted to find another photo badge/widget. Displaying your photos on your blog is huge right now and as more people start see what I mean. So I figured there had to be other choices than Flickr. I don't like the registration. Why do they need to know my zip and sex? So far that is my only complaint.
This is a very user friendly service. There was no email validation crap and as soon as I was signed up, I was uploading. They have multiple uploads and you can create folders to sort your pictures into. I uploaded some wall papers (to test size limits) No problem. The upload was very fast as well (Sunday may be a slower traffic day)

The Widget. (this is a flash widget)
After the upload, there were links/buttons to do stuff with your photos. The first one was the widget button(big smiley). There I was presented with four styles of widget to choose from.

  • Slideshow--zooms in on photo till transition to next.
  • Collage--Photos are scattered in random pattern. Mouseover brings focus to each photo.
  • Stamp--Photos are arranged in the order you pic them, in a un bordered square. Each photo is brought forward and paused for 2.5 seconds
  • Strip-- Photos are displayed in a right to left moving strip. Mouseover pauses the strip.
Once you create your Widget and save it you can create another one. You have a "widget page" where all of your created widgets reside. Here you can grab the code to place the widget into your blog. You also can get a url for each widget. (for email or IM)

I plan on placing a Photobucket widget in this post along with a static screen shot. I like the ease of this entire process. Except for that damn sex/ZIP thing. WTF? (main)
Click to see my other PhotoBucket widget


Blogger MiniMarie said...

I tried this one, but couldn't get it. When I log in, there is no WIDGET button. Think you could email me and help me out please?
Thank you, Marie

10:41 AM  

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