Saturday, September 30, 2006

Looking for weather? Try out Weather Bonk: revisited

Weather Bonk is a very easy to use site. It details current and forecast weather around the globe. Bonk uses the very easy to use Google maps(by default). This allows you to zoom in to your location, use satelite view if you wish or a combination of satelite and map. You can access U.S. radar as well. Surface temp readings and current wind conditions are available as well. There are options for choosing the weather service that you want also.
I would say this is a kick-ass site to visit if you care at all about the weather.

Now the best part:
All of this can be put on your blog...FREE! And the settings for the Bonk widget are just what you want. You can select the height and width, the weather services, the locations, if you want wind data displayed, units of measure, type of view (map, satelite etc...) and the map service (Google, MSN or Yahoo) This type of customization ROCKS!!! I say visit Weather Bonk today to get your very own "Bonk Widget"


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