Saturday, September 30, 2006

Adding Flickr Badge to your blog: revisited

Flickr Badge is one of the most popular photo widgets out there. For good reason. It works! The layout and set-up are easy to understand. You just have to decide between the flash badge(animated) or the HTML badge and of course what pictures to display.

The hardest part of the Flickr badge is locating it on the flickr site. Nothing that I could see on Flickr jumped out and said "click here for Flickr Badge" so I will include a link to the Flickr Badge page here. (log into Flicker before you click here)

Flickr Badge

Once you have created your badge and copied your code you need to log into your blog editor then go to your template and find a good spot to put in the code. I don't think the code comes centered so you may have to put the code in some open and closed center tags if you want it centered that is.
<> code here

That should do it for the Flickr Badge.
If you have any questions...leave a comment or send me an email.

Flickr Badge
Flickr (main)
Flickr forum post with mods for the badge


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