Thursday, October 05, 2006

Springbox RSS widget offers a widget engine and they claim it works on the desktop as well as the blog/site.

i've seen it and it looks attractive, especially if you have a dark theme for your blog. it seems as though you will be able to skin it at a later date. right now access is limited to the default skin. (as far as i can tell)

for the blog/site, every widget is an embeddable flash object with some standard customizations you need to make before you copy the script for your blog.

i don't have plans to download the widget engine for the desktop, as i have no interest in desktop widgets at this point. widgets need "more". they need to be more than a fancy distraction from what i love (wandering the swamp)

if, by some offhand chance the program on my machine would allow me to control the widget on my blog (no log in b.s.) then i will consider using it.

but for right's a nice looking, attractive addition to any blog.

springbox (main)
springbox (blog widgets)
live on the edge (download)(win2000/xp only!)


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