Thursday, October 05, 2006

Grazr--Another RSS box? Maybe not! offers a fully customizable RSS box/reader widget for your blog.

Typical RSS box/readers contain just a list of feeds that you want to display. They mah include some ammount of the post text and a link to the post. Boring!

Grazr, has them beat! Grazr, offers multiple panes to view feed titles, post titles and the post text. There is also an option to expand the window for easier reading. This helps to keep the visitor/reader on your site. We all know how important that is!

Grazr list
  • Javascript
  • custom sizing options
  • Slider, Outline and 3 pane display options
  • text configurations (font and size)
  • No color choices
  • detailed install instructions for popular blog tools
  • Multiple feeds (ability to display more than one feed)
  • no registration required
  • Detailed, easy to use set up
I would say that Grazr puts most other RSS box/readers to shame. However one feature I would really like to see, would be... tie Grazr in with an actual feed reader and allow control of the widget from the feed reader interface.


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